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Autumn temperatures are finally cooling us as we begin to look forward to holiday festivities.  Looking forward to sharing new holiday art with you as we celebrate the circle of life once again in our family.

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Welcome, Friends!  This is the first blog post introducing the art that comes from my love and passion for painting in both watercolor and acrylic mediums.  With a paintbrush or pen in hand, I am inspired to create from what I see and experience.

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Artist Statement

Watercolor compels and challenges me to “go with the flow.”  So deceptively easy to think and dream about, yet so challenging to do throughout the process of painting the actual watercolor piece.  I’m also captivated by the bold color that acrylics provide so that I must embrace

the beauty and creative challenges of both water mediums.


When I get preoccupied with precision and detail-oriented lines the loss of the original painterly quest reminds me to go back to the beginning.  Painting is a choreography of composition and design with color and value as tools for movement with the brushwork to lead the eyes to behold, to feast and to linger on nature’s beauty and bounty.


Abstracts for me are the pure and basic and uncomplicated interplay of forms and colors and value working in a sublime and spiritual sense of space that offers views without boundaries of words and labels.